Domestic Drain Cleaning
Domestic Treatment Plants


Treatment plants are usually a one or two chamber tank. These are usually fibre glass or reinforced plastic, but can be concrete or brick if a conversion unit has been used.

When working correctly a sewage treatment plant will collect the waste water, treat and separate out the solids and discharge the effluent into a soakaway or water course. If your sewage treatment plant is maintained and checked regularly by Roe Environmental Ltd these tanks provide many years of use.


You must have your sewage treatment plant emptied at least once a year by law.

You should also arrange for a service to be carried out on the mechanical parts of the sewage treatment plant to ensure it continues to produce good quality effluent, this should be done once a year too.

We are a company based in Essex that can do both maintenance and dispose of the foul waste legally at a licensed disposal plant. We are also a registered waste carrier.


You have a legal responsibility to check the area where you release sewage once a month for signs of pollution. We can also provide a monthly service to do this for you at a very competitive rate.

If you release sewage into the ground, you must check for:

  • sewage smells
  • signs that your sewage isn’t draining properly (e.g. pools of water in the area where you release sewage)

If you release sewage into water, check for:

  • sewage smells
  • overflowing sludge
  • signs of white scum or foam on the water around the area where you release sewage

You could face a serious fine from the Environment Agency if you do not adhere to this.